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    Chasing F1 New Fish Finder Drone

    Not sure how Chasing Innovation snuck this one by me, lol, me being a fisherman and all, I love the idea behind this new drone of theirs called the F1. It's the first ever fish finder drone that has all these sophistcated features such as GPS, drop off bait, sonar, depth, water temperature, and...
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    Chasing M2 Light Modification

    One of the first modications I've seen done to the Chasing M2 underwater drone, this M2 was getting a lot of backscatter with the lights so close up to the camera in the Puget sound, so he decided to move them. He removed the handles from the outer frame, the lights were then removed from the...
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    Fix Gladius Mini Seized Up Motors Thrusters

    This may not work with all the underwater drones on the market, but recently someone shared it on the Chasing Innovation Facebook Group and it worked really well on the Gladius Mini. WD-40 is not to be used on maintenance lubrication of the motors, but in the case of seized up motors from...
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    Motor seized

    @paule I was navigating through the Gladius Facebook Group, one Mini owner was able to use some WD-40 and then turned them with a wrench. Now I know most don't recommend WD-40 for maintenance lubrication, but for this purpose I guess it works when the underwater drone motors are seized up.
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    Metal Detector on Future Underwater Drones

    There was a request made on whether or not there are any small underwater metal detectors on the market that could be mounted in front of the Gladius Mini, probably not feasible considering the size of traditional meta detectors and all the gadgetry that comes with them, but they, ya never...
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    Cormorant Bird Recorded Underwater with Chasing M2 Drone

    Short video, but a really neat shot of how the Chasing M2 underwater drone can actually catch a bird on video underwater, this is a Cormorant. We have a lot of these species of birds here in Michigan, they supposedly eat a lot of the perch when the dive deep down in the water, be really neat to...
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    Gladius Mini Upgraded?

    It was just announced September 4th that Chasing Innovation has recently upgraded the Gladius Mini, now what does that mean? You can take a lot of guesses, some people thought it meant meant they have activated the SD card port. Someone thought their was an firmware or app upgrade, which if I...
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    Motor seized

    Last time I talk to Stans Legacy, he said he's had around 200 dives with the Gladius Mini without replacing a motor and uses his Mini out in the ocean(salwater) He uses that Q8 silicone spray every so often after a few dives. It's also a must to rinse and clean your drone off with a tub full of...
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    That sucks not being able to fly a drone in your area, even if you can, lot of rules you have to follow and new ones always being made by the FAA. I think an underwater drone is a much safer bet and can get just as fun, if not more fun because of the treasure hunting ability with the robotic...
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    Video Attaching Robotic Arm to Chasing M2

    A step by step video showing you how to properly attach a robotic arm to the Chasing M2 underwater drone. Pretty self explanitory I think, but just in case you need help, here's a great video, despite the music, o_O.
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    Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone Photo Released

    Pretty exciting, Geneinno has just released a new photo of their Geninno T1 Pro on their Instagram, which I hear will have a 1 2/2.3 this time, go deeper, and do everything the Chasing M2 can do, which possibly means replaceable battery and removable SD card as well. If you notice in the...
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    Ketil's Custom Skids for Gladius Mini

    If you look closer to the claw, Ketil's email is there, you can also message him on Facebook
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    Best underwater drone?

    I appreciate that, any new info you find out, don't be afraid to share...
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    Best underwater drone?

    My recommendation would be the Fifish V6s if you want a stable underwater drone with a claw, every video I've seen of the M2 still looks shaky, like this recent one I've seen here posted on the Chasing Facebook Group. I talk with Jacky Yang, the CMO of Chasing and he said they're going to be...
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    Underwater Footage of Giant Grouper Gladius Mini

    This giant grouper gets super close to the Gladius Mini, I was almost worried he was going to open his mouth and enhale the underwater drone. Goes to show that the Grouper can probably distinguish the drone between a living actual fish, however, I think if it was a shark, that may be a different...