Woolly Mammoth Tusk Found? Bone Rush at New York East River

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Soon as I saw this news headline, I'm thinking man, this has got to be the perfect opportunity for an underwater drone, not only to locate the whereabouts of the Tusks, but also maybe grab one with the claw and bring it up to the surface... And remember, even if the claw can't grab it and the tusk is too heavy, many hobbyists have figured out a way to use a heavy duty hook and rope of some sort, attach that to the claw, then attach the hook to the object to bring it up like Youtuber danijo2012 did with a heavy tire in this video here

Since majority of people do not have a divers license, can't afford an expensive divers suit, helmet and aerated pump like what treasure hunters are using, I think this is where owning an underwater drone might come in handy!

Or use QYSEA's special aluminum alloy hook to retrieve heavy objects

However, thinking about how there's always current and turbulence in the river, I suspect some underwater drones may struggle with this... But I don't know what the speed of the current is on the East River, maybe it's slow, maybe it's fast, I know over at Lake St. Clair that is kind of shaped like a heart with all types of arteries and veins going to it, we have numerous rivers like the Salt River, Clinton River, St. Clair River and Detroit River that have all different types of speeds. If one underwater drone would work really well, I would say it would be the Fifish V6 Expert with the active distance lock system that "enables the V6 Expert and V6 Plus to lock its position a fixed distance from an object it is inspecting without being adversely affected or knocked off course by tides, currents, or other turbulence."

According to this Daily Mail article, 500,000 of Woolly Mammoth Tusks were transported across the river to the Museum of Natural History in the 1940s and thousands of tusks were tossed and discarded in the river due to no room for storage space, the article is suggesting a worth of up to tens of millions of dollars. I suspect if you have an underwater drone worthy even to fight the current, bright enough to light up the murky water bottom of the East River, an owner of an underwater drone could become a millionaire. Living in times when inflation is up, poverty is at an all time high, definitely some great opportunity there I'd say! Do you own an Underwater Drone yet? 😀

I guess Joe Rogan, where the information recently surfaced on his podcast, said whomever recovers the first Woolly Mammoth Tusk... He'll have them on the podcast! Good hunting everyone...

And just to correct Daily Mail, supposedly the first article said 500,000 tusks were discarded, making a worth of up to $1billion. The new article stated 500,000 were transported, thousands were discarded due to no room for storage, making a worth up to tens of millions.

"They took 500,000 or so bones from Fairbanks to New York City, left them in the crates... they took about a whole box car load of these bones they ran out of storage and they dumped them in the East River."

The new second article also warns "someone will get killed as others dredge the waters with boats and cameras." I think this is where using an underwater drone such as the Fifish V6 Expert would be a lot safer to use, instead of having divers going down there, and boats crowding the area. I also suspect though, once more underwater drones are bought, they become more popular, the underwater drones start to crowd the area on East River... Just a hunch, I think this is where new rules and guidelines might start to pop up.


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