World War 2 Treasure Hunting with Underwater Drone & Claw

Eternal Angler


Man I was watching some very cool videos with the Fifish V6sV6s last night, I was switching between treasure hunting videos on the Chasing M2 and the V6s, I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted to buy. What stuck in back of my head was replaceable batteries and a sd card slot, which the Fifish V6s doesn't have, total bummer. I was very close to buying the V6s because I found a source where I could get a discount, but then I finally made a decision to purchase the M2.

And just because I went with the Chasing M2, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate these cool Fifish V6s videos being uploaded by this the WW2HistoryHunter on YouTube! Just incredible what he finds searching a local lake, he found some really neat things, in this first video here, he found a World War 2 ammo case. I think this explains how strong the Fifish V6s' claw is after he was able to bring up a case that heavy, remind you the Fifish V6s claw is rated at 100N of clamping force and towing force, which newtons to pounds translates to 22 pounds of force. Last I looked at Chasing's website, the M2 has a clamping force of 6 kg and dragging force of 12kg. Which translate to 13 pounds of clamping force and 26 pounds of dragging force. I bet those extra few pounds of clamping force made the difference of lifting up that ammo case, as the WW2HistoryHunter said it barely made it up there. Awesome video!

Next video he finds some World War 2 Helmets, pretty darn neat!

And in this video, he finds a bunch of German beer bottles, which was the first episode with the Fifish V6s, still very impressive.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get into the hobby of collecting World War 2 artifacts, but I think this type of treasure hunting is still pretty cool, my favorite video is of this Chasing M2 owner finding a tackle box full of squid jigs with the Chasing M2's claw. All are neat finds and shows what you can accomplish with these new underwater drones equipped with a robotic arm claw.