Warning Using Gladius Mini at Local Ponds - Shallow & Weeds Lead to Damage

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019
I've been seeing more Gladius Mini owners reporting damage to motors and propellers at local ponds. Remember underwater drone hobbyists, ponds are more prone to algae and weeds, they are also a lot more shallow than lakes and the ocean. You have to be especially careful when launching from the shoreline where there's more gravel, algae and weeds accumulating. I think some ROV owners might think it's saver because it's a lot smaller body of water, they'll be able to retrieve the drone if it gets stuck. This kind of why I bought a hobie kayak, when it comes to launching, I think it's a lot safer to launch in the middle of the lake or pond, rather, than launching from the shoreline where you can pickup gravel and weeds when you start the motors up, this can definitely lead to damage to both the props and motors, I think overall shorten the lifespan of you underwater drone. I remember when I though the marina where there's docks and rope would be a great place where there's lots of fish, I sucked up a rope twice on my Geneinno T1, it's kind of reckless to test the drone out without much experience in locations like these. Wait till your a little more experienced! Don't get me wrong, marina is great place to find fish because of the pilings and a lot of the structure around there, you never know if you might something valuable if your underwater drone has a claw, just be careful. Just something to think about, take care!

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