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Underwater Footage of Nurse Sharks at Sugarloaf Marina Florida Keys

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019

I'm just amazed with the quality video footage from the small underwater drone named Chasing Dory, this tiny ROV is priced super cheap. Here's some incredible footage that Terry Marty record using the Chasing Dory down in the Florida Keys at Sugarloaf Marina, at one point a nurse shark came right up to the Dory and almost tried to take a bite out of it. See those two whiskers in front, also known as barbells are loaded with taste buds, which help the nurse sharks to smell. I think the nurse shocks just got up close to the Dory to see if it was something they could eat, once they smelled it, they knew it was nothing for them to eat. Some very cool shots!
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