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Soft Gripper for Fifish V6 Underwater Drone

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019

Kenneth Aase who is known for attaching the Blue Robotics gripper to the Fifish V6 has just modified his underwater drone with another attachment, this is the soft gripper. Not sure where he got this gripper or if it's just something he made. But a soft gripper could be used for a more delicate touch to gripping things. I think it's a great idea, lets say if you want to pickup corral or some type treasure on the bottom you don't want to break or crush with a standard gripper.

He's share his website on the video, so if you have any questions or maybe interested in purchasing, maybe Kenneth can help you out if you want something similar to this

Pretty neat idea, as I really didn't think about the importance of picking up items with a sort of delicacy. I guess for Marine Biologists this is of utmost importance, as they've equipped their commercial underwater drones with something similar.

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