Seaweed Stuck in Underwater Drone Propellers & Thrusters

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019
So I've been seeing this discussion pop up with the Gladius Mini and other underwater drones from time to time, what happens when seaweed gets stuck in your underwater drone propellers or thrusters and your motors lock up? Luckily some companies are equipping their underwater drones with picks, like this one seen that comes with the Gladius Mini. I've heard only the new Gladius Mini ROVs seem to be getting this pick, as there's still reports of other Gladiu Mini owners not getting one with their package.

If your drone company doesn't equip you with one, another great option is picking up a Husky lock pick set which features four different angled hooks, which honestly would be a better option. That 180 degree hook looks like the most beneficial out of the four, but the other three may come in handy.

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Jun 21, 2020
Experimented today in a relatively weed-free environment and now I got small rocks stuck in some of the propellers following hard landings on the bottom... Got a hard time to dislodge them and I suspect the blades will get damaged real fast with such treatment. I REALLY need to figure how to better protect those propellers...
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