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Gladius Mini with Inflatable Pontoon Boat at Mulroy Bay Ireland

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019

A fisherman captured some really great footage over at Mulroy Bay Ireland recently using the Gladius Mini from an inflatable pontoon boat. As I've said before in some of my forum posts, I think it's a great idea using something small like a transportable kayak to get out to deeper parts of the main lake or in this case, an inflatable pontoon boat to basically cover more ground. You're going to be limited using an underwater drone like the Gladius Mini just from the shoreline, especially if you're trying to reach coral reefs out on the ocean.

Right at 4:40 you see a small crab walk by, now wouldn't it be neat if you could take the Chasing M2, go right up to that crab and grab it with the claw? This youtuber has captured some really spectacular footage over in Ireland. Footage is so smooth and stable, as if he's filming in underwater with a gimbal of some sort. I sure hope the Chasing M2 is just as stable if not better with the EIS Image stabilization.
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