Chasing F1 New Fish Finder Drone

Eternal Angler

Oct 25, 2019

Not sure how Chasing Innovation snuck this one by me, lol, me being a fisherman and all, I love the idea behind this new drone of theirs called the F1. It's the first ever fish finder drone that has all these sophistcated features such as GPS, drop off bait, sonar, depth, water temperature, and infrared. While this is kind of the first of it's kind and doesn't look that appealing, I think they're definitely on to something. This isn't an "underwater" drone per se, but I'm glad to add it to a subcategory on the forum.

If you notice the water is quite still and not very rough out, not sure if I could get away with using this new fish finder drone on a rough lake near me like Lake St. Clair or Lake Erie, time will tell... The bigger lakes is where I think a fish finder drone like this could work really well, but again, bigger lake means bigger swells. And I'm not sure if this fish finder drone will be geared towards the ocean, probably not yet...

With the new drop off bait feature, I could really see this working for carp fishing, considering that a lot of carp fishermen chum the water with slingshots and corn. Maybe even work well for targeting catfish as well!

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