Used Tempestini Systems Prometeo Commercial ROV Underwater Robot

Eternal Angler


Now this is one hell of an underwater drone, this Tempestini Systems Prometeo is a commercial ROV underwater robot that has been slightly used. The Facebook user is selling it for $18,000. The ROV was originally imported to the US as a demo sales model.

The owner had purchased this from a commercial diving company who had needs for a even bigger unit. In one of the photos I have posted I have put a Videoray Explorer model for size comparison (videoray is not included in purchase price).

This is a quality component ROV with a stainless frame, hd cams, amazing manipulator with 2nd camera, syntactic foam for floatation. Spares include (2) additional thrusters, (2) additional fiberglass shells, (1) additional Control panel, Additional Umbilicals. If you've used smaller inspection class ROVs such as the Videoray you know that they get pushed around in currents. This ROV is a beast and will fight the currents to get it where you want it.

This system will run off a small 110V camping size generator of 1800w, meaning that you could run this economically and from the deck of pretty much any size boat.

Technical questions should be addressed to the manufacturer as I will be unable to answer anything that is beyond general knowledge. Specs are provided on one of the pics. Do your homework as this is an excellent price for a robust system.