Robosea ROBO-ROV for Underwater Sampling

Eternal Angler


Out of all the commercial ROVs I've seen from a lot of these new underwater drone companies that have popped up, I have to say the ROBO-ROV from Robosea looks the most promising, lol, can't say the same for their consumer underwater drone the BIKI. A lot of bad reviews basically left that first generation consumer drone dead in the water.

Hopefully Robosea can turn it around eventually, but I have to pride them on making a very sharp looking ROV for commercial purposes, which looks very durable.

As stated by their website, "the ROBO-ROV underwater robotic platform can be used for underwater searching, mapping. Also operations like pipeline placement or device mounting on the seabed. ROBO-ROV is able to carry out intelligent performance like cruising in a given direction or at a given depth. Six high-power vector distributed brushless propellers are applied to the robot which enables 360°movement. It’s easy to control, can dive as deep as 300m. With the original artificial lateral line system, through the pressure sensor array, it can perceive the environment information in real time thus to avoid obstacles automatically."

The ROBO-ROV will have tools like a mechanical arm, sonar image devides, USBL that can be added to catpure target objects and map the underwater topography. Even though this is primarily a consumer underwater drone forum, I had to add the ROBO-ROV as a subcategory to help get this company some publicity, again looks pretty bad ass!

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