BlueROV2 for sale


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Helping my friend sell his barely used BlueROV2. I''m on Los Angeles and it is currently in NY but we can get it to LA if someone wants to demo it here. Purchased in 2018 and used only a few times. Includes:
Fathom ROV Tether - 200 meter
Lumen Subsea Light (Pre-Connected Sets) - 4
Payload Skid

Fathom ROV
Tether, Tether Length (m) - 200 m (656
ft), Qty - 1, SKU - FATHOM-TETHER-NB-

Lumen Subsea Light
(Pre-Connected Sets), Number of
Lights - 4, Qty - 1, SKU - LUMEN-QUADR1

We''re asking $3000 which I think is a steal, but then again, you guys here are the experts not me.