Aquarobotman Nemo Pretty Stable Underwater Footage

Eternal Angler

I have to admit, I never have done that much research on the Aquarobotman Nemo, but after watching some of the underwater footage on YouTube, this is definitely an underwater drone worth looking into. The footage is pretty stable and of good quality. Plus having a replaceable battery pack that has a working time of 3 hours is a huge plus, it's reasonably priced too, bascically half the price of the Chasing M2's battery. Surprised there's isn't more videos of this underwater drone on YouTube, as well as Facebook.

I did notice that it doesn't have any capabilities of tilting or tilt lock mode like the other underwater drones in it's class, that's a pretty big drawback!

Instead of being able to tilt with thrusters themselves, the Nemo seems to have it's own bouncy that partially tilts when you move through the water with the QAS-Balance System four thruster design.

What's interesting in this video here, is the Nemo seems to be almost moving laterally, is that the QAS-Balance System? Or just possibly the current, regardless its still very stable footage.

Some pretty stable footage here as well, even a night shot at the end, but both of these seem to be just promo videos from the company itself, down below is some underwater footage from actual owners.

A great shot of some smaller fish and what I think is a giant goliath grouper.

Some more footage

Also some more good footage from diver Michael Oliver

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